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    Home / Statinless steel operating housings / Stainless steel operation housing
    Stainless steel operation housing
    2023-06-27 18:46:30

    Command panel housing based on matrial  stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), with handle strips made from plastic approved for use with foodstuffs. May be combined with stainless steel support arm system .

       Enclosure and door: stainless steel 304

       Decorative handle: non toxic  harmless plastic,dyed blue


       Decorative handle:  similar to RAL 5002

    Surface finish:  Brushed, grain 240

    IPprotection category:  IP 66

    Notes:   can be made to order in terms of different size of enclosure and panel cut-out

    Order no.                            Width                                                Height                                       Depth

    63030150                            300mm                                           300mm                                      150mm

    64030150                            400mm                                           300mm                                      150mm

    64040150                            400mm                                           400mm                                      150mm

    66040150                            600mm                                           400mm                                      150mm