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    Stationary stand systems
    2023-06-27 18:41:30


    Product descriptions

       Stationary system for command panels and industrial workstations. Reliable protection of cable management.


         Pedestal base plate: steel

         Vertical column :steel tube (or support section CP 60)  

    Colour:  RAL 7035                                                                                        


       Pedestal base plate: 400mm*400mm*10mm(thickness)

       Vertical tube: 80mm*80mm

    Recommend accessories:

       Enclosure coupling:   86085.300

       Tilting adaptor:          86085.400


    Order no.                 Width base plate       Depth base plate             Height                 Load capacity (static)

    88215000                       400mm                        400mm                         1095mm                        80KG